Retouching & Restoration Services


Photograph restoration and retouching is the practice of restoring or altering the appearance of a photograph that has been damaged or degraded. Depending on the quality of the original photograph and the extent of its damage cost can vary significantly. We therefore provide estimates on an individual basis.

Retouching Services include:

  • glare removal
  • eye enhancement
  • removal of small objects
  • teeth whitening
  • blending
  • sharpening
  • replacing closed eyes
  • replacing people
  • changing backgrounds
  • and more

Restoration Services are available for the following types of damage:

  • water
  • ripped or torn
  • faded
  • creases
  • mold or mildew
  • dirt, stains, or scratches
  • color casts
  • aging
  • and more


Restoration before and after example